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It's dark in here

It's dark in here

It’s dark in here…

I was recently travelling in the US and spent a week in NYC, where I got the opportunity to witness the production of “Sleep No More” by emursive theatre.

I say ‘witness’ because all audience members wore a mask and were silent witnesses to the unfolding of the dramatic story (based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth) which took place in an almost-pitch-black, six storey building.  As audience members we were forbidden to speak, but were encouraged to explore, engage and experience this performance on every level: emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual, and to fully engage our senses. 

It was, at times, scary (I got lost in the dark and couldn’t see), circular (I got lost in the dark, and kept coming back to the same patch of road), and exciting (I got lost in the dark, and then suddenly found myself in the midst of the action).

Now, this is not a review (although if you are travelling to NYC, I wholeheartedly encourage you to see this production), however, my experience of this ‘immersive’ performance created an intense awareness of being present in every moment and enjoying the thrill of discovery and the unknown.

And this is what I discovered, wandering about in the dark:

  1. We only need a little bit of light to discover things for ourselves. When everything appears to be pitch black, even the smallest ray of light has the power of a spotlight. 
  2. Sometimes our journey may appear circular (yes, I’m pretty sure I’ve been down this road at least four times already) but every time I revisit this place, I’M different because of my experience. And if I want to change direction, what do I need to do differently?
  3. The power of being fully present and embracing what is. Because I had no expectation of what was to come, or what I expected to see, do or feel, I was completely available to the experience. I allowed myself to be fully immersed in the flow of discovery and the unfolding story.

At times, I must admit I felt frustrated, lost, and wished I had a trail of breadcrumbs to follow! 

But in life, as in this production, you have to choose your own road. We don’t always have a lot of light to guide us – just a glimmer of understanding, a hint of something possible, guided by our senses, and open to discovery.

Would you like to embrace this kind of living? 

Not asleep, but awake. 

Awake to every possibility and embracing the unknown.    


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