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Testimonial 1

"Simone showed me ways to deal with my anxieties, to improve my health and to strengthen my relationships with the people around me. I made some good decisions which I am very happy with and some life changes which I am proud of and feeling very confident in how I am moving forward now. I have a new state of calm and have learnt to be present in the things I am doing.

My year is about to get very busy but I am not worried about how I will handle that now because of the skills Simone has given me. It has been a wonderful experience to participate in her coaching and I intend to stay on as a client to continue to learn and grow with her."  HL

Testimonial 2

“You turned up for a visit only to find me stressed, angry with myself and worried I was going to wake up as an old woman one day with no feelings connected with many of life’s experiences. You introduced me to mindfulness, the practice of being in the present moment. Yes, I have a way to go before I can say I live most of my day truly mindful. But a little practice each day helps in a big way. Thank you for listening and guiding me back to the present. The here and now. It’s a nice place to be.”  JH

Testimonial 3

"I have found that it's great to have an objective person with whom to work who's not emotionally attached to the outcome.  Having someone to help me maintain focus and to keep me on track is another plus.  It's easy to get distracted and lose motivation, but Simone is able to break up projects into small, manageable steps.  She has been able to help me work out what issues need to be addressed and to prioritise them. When working with a good coach like Simone, you are always the one leading.  Simone can help you discover which roads to take to get there."  DA

Testimonial 4

"I have no hesitation in referring clients to you - a woman with passion, intelligence and empathy. You will always be high on my list for referrals.  It is a divine pleasure to know women like you in my life."  CL

Testimonial 5

"I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for working with me on my monologue.  I had a real break-through and it was definitely something that I have not experienced before as an actor. I want to thank you for helping me so much, I really appreciate it, and it is having an amazing affect on my acting."  Colette, Film/TV Studio International

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 "Wasn't what I wanted after a hard day but actually turned out to be what I needed...."  Creativity vs Survival, AIM 
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