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Open M1C™


Would you love an opportunity to practice the craft of public speaking?

Are you struggling to find somewhere to share your message?

Would you relish some feedback about your new topic, keynote or story from a speaking and theatre professional with over 30 years experience?

Then step into the spotlight and join The Speakers' Director at “Open M1C™ Night”.

Join us for an evening of story, stage and audience interaction as we watch aspiring, transitioning and experienced speakers share their craft.

3 speakers will take to the stage in a mini 'TEDx' style event with a 12 minute segment with tailored feedback provided. Each speaker has an allocation of approximately 20 minutes (including feedback). I can accommodate a maximum of 3 speakers. All levels of experience welcome.

The second half of the evening will incorporate a chat-show style interview 'In the Spotlight with Simone' where up to six speakers will get the opportunity to share their passion, purpose, message and story. So if you're not quite ready to step into a speaking spot, perhaps the interview is for you?

If you'd like the opportunity to present or be interviewed, please email Simone de Haas at simone@thespeakersdirector.comfor details on the next available session.

Event details here.

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